Huaptec S10/S15/S20-WCDMA

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Huaptec S10/15/20-WCDMA is a smart cell phone booster, designed to improve mobile signal reception professionally. The equipment boosts 3G signal at WCDMA 2100 MHz network, and guarantees 3G data download

Key features

  • Network: UMTS 2100 MHz (WCDMA)
  • Coverage: 800/1500/2000 m2
  • Full CE compliance, ETSI and 3GPP 3GPP2 standards
  • Professional gain control functions
  • Intelligent noise control 

  • Panoramica
  • Specifications
  • Come Installare un Ripetitore

Huaptec S10/15/20-WCDMA is a smart cell phone booster, designed to improve mobile signal reception professionally. The equipment boosts 3G signal at WCDMA 2100 MHz network, and guarantees 3G data download at super high speed all over your area. The model is applicable to any large areas from houses and offices to business centers and supermarkets.

Huaptec S10/15/20 fully meets CE standard and is equipped with advanced automatic gain control, which secures blanket protection from radiation and noise.    

Choose coverage area your need:     

  • S10 – 800 m2
  • S15 – 1500 m2
  • S20 – 2000 m2

Huaptec Smart Functions

Automatic gain/level control (AGC, ALC)

Thanks to built-in AGC and ALC circuits the mobile booster automatically adjusts repeater gain depending upon the strength of input signals. It helps to maintain safe signal amplification in your area and protects you from interference with mobile operators’ networks.

Manual gain control (MGC)

With the help of MGC you can manually regulate the gain value for both uplink and downlink. The function helps to get signal coverage suitable exactly for your area.

Auto Shut-Off Function

The function provides additional protection against interference with operators’ networks. In case of deep self-oscillation the booster will automatically shut off both for uplink and downlink.

Safe and Healthy


All HiBoost models underwent safety and quality tests in German accredited test laboratory and were issued certifications of CE and RoHS compliance. The documents declare that the booster complies with European quality and safety directives.

CE certificateCE – Mandatory conformity marking for products sold within the European Economic Area since 1985. It proves that your product fulfills EU-wide safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

ROHS certificateRoHS – The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC. It restricts the use of six hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment: Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+), Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE).

Longer Mobile Phone Battery Life

The repeater guarantees safe signal enhancement and prolongs mobile phone battery life. When the coverage in your area is increased, your mobile device starts receiving stronger signal and spends much less battery.

What is dBm?

dBm is an abbreviation that stands for power ratio (in decibels) of the measured power. The higher dBm number, the more powerful signal is spread.

Thus, 23 dBm is more powerful than 13 dBm. This means not only larger coverage area, but also signal ability to go through walls, floors, etc.

What are GSM, DCS, WCDMA and LTE?

GSM is the network for voice signal transmission. Two main frequencies at which mobile operators provide calls in Europe and worldwide are 900 and 1800 Mhz. GSM 900 MHz is the main signal standard available both in and out of the city and 1800 MHz usually comes as an additional one predominantly in urban areas.

WCDMA mobile network is used for the transmission of 3G data. In certain counties and regions some carriers also provide 3G service at 900 MHz signal standard.

4G LTE is the mobile network standard for high-speed 4G signal data transfer. There’re 3 main 4G frequencies, at which mobile operators provide 4G data service In Europe- 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz. All of them are more widespread in cities.

Hi23-5S supports five abovementioned mobile networks and is compatible with all major mobile operators wordlwide, such as Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Three, etc.

Frequencies diagram

Area di copertura 800 m², 1500 m², 2000 m²
Frequenza 2100 MHz (3G/WCDMA)
Gamma di frequenze 1920~1980MHz (Uplink) 2110~2170MHz (Downlink)
Acquisizione massima 60dB (Uplink) - 65dB (Downlink), 65dB (Uplink) - 65dB (Downlink), 65dB (Uplink) - 70dB (Downlink)
Potenza di uscita massima 10dBm (Uplink) - 10dBm (Downlink), 10dBm (Uplink) - 15dBm (Downlink), 15dBm (Uplink) - 20dBm (Downlink)
MGC ( Attenuazione a passo) ≥31 dB / passo 1 dB, dip switch control
Regolarità di acquisizione Tipico ≤5 dB (P-P)
Coefficiente di rumore @ Acquisizione massima del sistema Tipico ≤5 dB
Coefficiente di onda stazionaria Tipico ≤2
Ritardo del gruppo ≤ 8 μs
Alimentazione Ingresso AC 90~264V, Uscita DC 12V/ 3A
Impedenza di entrata e di uscita 50 ohm
Indicazione a LED ALC LED
Monitoraggio locale PC via USB or Ethernet Port
Monitoraggio remoto Via SMS or GPRS
Parametri di controllo Gain, Frequency, Repeater ON/OFF, Alarm Enable, etc.
Parametri di monitoraggio Gain, Frequency, Repeater ON/OFF, Alarm message, etc.
Segnali di allarme Repeater Failure, DC Failure, ALC Alarm, PLL Failure
Porto di entrata/uscita N-Female
Dimension-industr 250*165*53 mm / 9.8*6.5*2.1 inch
Temperatura di funzionamento -10ºC~+55ºC
Temperatura di conservazione -10ºC~+80ºC
Umidità relativa 5% - 95%
Pressione barometrica 55 kPa -106 kPa
Condizioni ambientali IP40
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Ripetitore di segnale cellulare HiBoost va in un kit con tutti i componenti necessari per installazione e uso. Riuscirai a montare il sistema da solo dato che la procedura sia facile da eseguire solo in 4 passi:

PASSO 1.. Fissare l'antenna esterna nel punto con la migliore ricezione del segnale fuori della tua casa (ad esempio, sul tetto, fuori della finestra).

PASSO 2. Montare il ripetitore e l'antenna interna all'interno dell'area in cui è necessario migliorare il segnale.

PASSO 3. Collegare il booster alle antenne tramite i cavi.

PASSO 4. Collegare il ripetitore a un alimentatore e godere di una forte ricezione del segnale! Il sistema automaticamente regola i migliori parametri in 3-5 secondi dopo l'accensione.

NOTA!!! Per i modelli ad alta potenza come Hi20-XXX e Hi23-XXX consigliamo vivamente di rivolgersi a installatori professionali.

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