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Why partner with us

We strongly believe that people are the core of any business. That’s why we value and respect every our partner and contribute a lot in every partnership. Within 10 years' experience in the global market HiBoost has proven to be the leading expert in the field. We're proud to deliver mobile signal enhancement solutions of exceptional quality and provide first-class customer service in about 50 countries over the world.

At the moment we're looking for enthusiastic and dedicated partners around Europe. Companies engaged in telecommunications, installation services or any technical sphere are preferable. Let’s grow together! 

Huaptec creating repeaters

We Manufacture

1. High-performance quality product made on advanced machinery and strictly checked in the course of multi-step production controls.

2. Three regional offices in the USA, India and Europe.

3. Independent R&D department, 30% of the company staff are R&D engineers and productive capacity 15 000 boosters/month.

4. Long-term cooperation with more than 30 global telecommunications partners, such as ZTE, Vodafone, etc.

5. Annual participation at Mobile World Congress (Spain), Mobility (USA), CeBIT and other prestigious worldwide exhibitions.

Supply from Germany

Drop Shipping from Germany

1. Do not spend a cent on keeping your own warehouse, we'll ship the product directly to your customer.

2. You are free from customs clearance and fees, as the product is sent within EU area.

3. You receive boosters within 3-5 business days.

4. We carefully pack each model and provide you with a tracking number upon shipment.

Outstanding Product

We manufacture consumer mobile phone signal amplifiers for end users as well as industrial systems for large-scale projects and mobile operators. Basing on the expertise in the industrial sector, Hiboost products are built with carrier grade components and unique smart functions making user experience more enjoyable and easier than ever. 

All of this makes HiBoosters stand out of the crowd and lets undoubtedly beat competitors.

Monitoring and Control via a Mobile App

HiBoost products are the latest generation IOT boosters integrated with a cloud-based HiBoost application. It allows users monitor, optimize and set up the device right fom mobile phone or tablet. The app is called Signal Supervisor, it's free to download at Apple App Store or Google Play. This is how it can actually help you:

  •  Find the best position for the outdoor antenna with a signal meter tool
  •  Set up your device from anywhere at anytime
  •  Keep informed on booster performance status thanks to push notifications
  •  Get detailed info on your network, cell tower in service, mobile operator, etc

More Smart Functions 

AGC & MGC Functions

The booster optimizes its performance according to the outdoor signal strength in your area. If the signal is too strong, the power of signal amplification automatically gets down. This completely avoids the interference with your operator’s network and saves the booster from overload.

Self-Oscillation Detection

Self-oscillation can occur when the booster and antenna are installed too close to each other. The booster automatically detects the problem and reduces booster gain to fix the problem.

Individual Terms

Why partner with HiBoostWe develop a special working plan with favorable conditions and flexible pricing policy for every partner. Be sure that you’ll get real profit with us!

1. Plan Premium

Premium price list (margin from 20%), drop shipping option available, free marketing materials.  

2. Plan VIP

VIP price list, drop shipping option available, free marketing materials.  

3. Plan Platinum

Platinum price list, drop shipping option available, free marketing materials and consultation on the promotion strategy for your local market. 

Marketing Support

You can always count on us in terms of marketing. We provide every our partner with:

  •  Free marketing materials in electronic form
  •  Printed leaflets in the desired quantity
  •  Professional consultation on promoting Hiboost products in your region
  •  Assistance in placing products on your website with a subsequent check and recommendations

Find out more what we offer and how to start partnership with us.

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