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Boosters to Improve 3G / UMTS Data

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  • 3G/UMTS Repeaters

HiBoost F13-3G Mini

3G mobile data
Home&Office | 200 m²

€164.00 Incl. Tax €195.16

HiBoost F13-3G

3G mobile data
Home&Office | 500 m²

€178.00 Incl. Tax €211.82

HiBoost Hi13-3G

3G mobile data
Home&Office | 500 m²

€277.00 Incl. Tax €329.63

4G/LTE Boosters for Fast Data

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  • 4G/LTE Repeaters

HiBoost F13-LTE1800 Mini

4G mobile data
Home&Office | 200 m²

€165.00 Incl. Tax €196.35

HiBoost Hi13-DCS

Home&Office | 500 m²

€277.00 Incl. Tax €329.63

HiBoost Hi13-LTE800

4G data 800 MHz
Home&Office | 500 m²

€295.00 Incl. Tax €351.05

Cell Phone Boosters for Calls & 3G

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  • Repeaters for Voice +3G
HiBoost Hi17-EW

HiBoost Hi17-EW

Voice + 3G data
Home&Office | 1000 m²

€362.00 Special Price Incl. Tax €430.78 Regular Price Incl. Tax €572.39

HiBoost Hi13-EW

Voice + 3G data
Home&Office | 500 m²

€406.00 Incl. Tax €483.14

HiBoost F13-EW Mini

Voice + 3G data
Home&Office | 200 m²

€415.00 Incl. Tax €493.85

Boosters for All Bands - 2G/3G/4G - Caalls & Data

  • ALL
  • Repeaters for All Bands

HiBoost Hi13-5S

Home&Office | 1000 m²

€1,204.00 Incl. Tax €1,432.76

HiBoost Hi17-5S

Home&Office | 1800 m²

€1,600.00 Incl. Tax €1,904.00

HiBoost Hi20-5S

PRO | 4000 m²

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Take a look at the unpacking Video

Our engineer show how to assemble the repeater. This process is very simple and takes just a few minutes. After the device is assembled it should be turned on. When the booster is turned on you will se a huge difference between the signal strength before and after.

TIn this video we show our most required model for home and small office – HiBoost Hi20-EW, which is used to enhanced 2 bands: EGSM for great calls and WCDMA (UMTS / 3G) for mobile data (internet), the package includes the following elements:

  1. A mobile signal booster.
  2. An internal (indoor) pannel antenna.
  3. An external (outdoor) pannel antenna.
  4. 2 pieces of cable (10 m and 5 m) .
  5. Power Adapter for the booster.
  6. A user manual.

For more video about HiBoost mobile signal repeaters please find HiBoost on Youtube.

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The Booster Is Super Easy to Set Up!

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How Does a Mobile Booster Work?

How does mobile signal booster works

Why HiBoost?

Why to chose HiBoost

What We Offer to You :

  1. Huaptec Official Distributor in Germany. CE Certification
  2. Full Sales/Technical/Marketing Support
  3. TAX free payments. Drop-shipping is available
  4. 3-day delivery from Germany. 2-year warranty
  5. Industrial solutions - special line of industrial boosters

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To choose a correct booster model for you, open Mobile Phone Repeaters drop-down menu on our website Here you can choose a device by one of three categories: network type, application and coverage area. Network type implicates a network that you’re eager to boost – voice, i.e. calls, 3G, 4G mobile data, voice+3G or voice+4G. Application stands for the purpose for which you’re going to purchase a repeater. If you need it for personal use and wish to improve coverage in a place of small or medium dimensions, choose For Home & Office category. If you need to improve mobile signal in a large commercial building, like a business center, hotel, university, click on Professional Repeaters. Lastly, Coverage Area category. Identify an approximate zone you need to cover in square meters or feet and pick up the range closest to your value.

Booster’s working principle is quite simple. The outdoor antenna receives a signal from the nearest mobile base station and transmits it to the booster. The device amplifies the signal and spreads it all over the area with the help of the indoor antenna. Booster works in a duplex mode, which means that it not only gets the signal from the mobile tower, but also upon receiving sends it back.

HiBoost is one of the leading booster manufacturers at the world’s market. Since we’re direct producers with our own workshops and service centers, you can fully rely on the quality and efficiency of our mobile signal repeaters. Moreover, our product is officially CE and RoHS certified for compliance with EU-wide safety, health and environmental protection legislations. Certifications were issued by the recognized German accredited test laboratory Phoenix Test Lab.

We ship our repeaters within 3-4 business days after we receive a payment from you. Thanks to our own warehouse in Germany we released you from customs fees and long delivery times. Within the European Union we send our repeaters with UPS express courier that will deliver your order right into your hands.

We provide 2-year warranty on all our repeater models. It’s possible to extend the warranty for one more year for addition amount of money. We also provide 30-day moneyback guarantee. According to it we can either refund you the money or replace the product for another one. For more detailed information, visit our Terms&Conditions and Return Policy pages.

Sure, you can make a return within 30 days after you receive a booster kit. We can change the booster for another one or give your money back according to our moneyback policy. Please, visit our Return Policy page to know more about our terms and conditions.

Sure, you can make a return within 30 days after you receive a booster kit. We can change the booster for another one or give your money back according to our moneyback policy. Please, visit our Return Policy page to know more about our terms and conditions.

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Hiboost Mobile Signal Boosters are very smart and self-adjusting amplifiers of any mobile signal in your area. The only think you need to do is place antennas in the right positions, power a booster up and get a perfect cell reception at home or in the office.

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