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Huaptec International

Who We Are

Shenzhen Huaptec Co., Ltd. is a leading producer of mobile signal enhancement solutions at the world market. The company was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2009 and in the same year it established its own booster manufacture with a current output of over 8000 units per month. Within the following 6 years Huaptec has developed its presence over the USA, India and Europe with regional offices in each of these countries.

Huaptec international office

Shenzhen Huaptec Co. is a certified ISO 9001-2015 manufacturer. The company also got CE RED () and RoHS safety approvals on all the goods they produce. The certificates were issued in the international and European accredited test laboratories among which the recognized Phoenix Test Lab in Germany.

Expertise certificate

Certificate of product declaration

The company specializes in mobile booster systems for different kinds of consumers from common mobile phone users to professional mobile providers. For the moment Shenzhen Huaptec Co., has clients in more than 50 countries of the world and cooperates with more than 30 cellular operators.

What We Do

Huaptec has developed a wide line of consumer and industrial boosters. Upon production each model passes through a number of exploitation and safety tests. Such a thorough preparation of the product before a market launch guarantees its high working efficiency and strict conformity to quality standards.

Huaptec product line includes models for all European networks: GSM, EGSM, DCS, 3G and 4G. You can also choose among single bands for 1 signal standard or dual, triple and even quint bands for a number of signal frequencies at a time (e.g. EGSM 900 MHz + DCS + 3G).

Huaptec R&D photo

The coverage area of the models varies from 200 up to 3000 mq. Such a wide coverage range makes signal amplification perfect in any kind of the area from a small flat to a shop or a business center.

Such a large model line allows us to offer best solutions for all possible clients’ signal problems and requirements.

How We Do

Huaptec is all about people. Company’s staff is about 300 highly-qualified employees and it’s still growing. Each of them from an engineer to a packer does their best to provide you with strong and stable cellular signal. 

Huaptec Manufacturing

Huaptec manufacture is equipped with modern hi-tech machinery. It includes the latest SMT line, 8 debugging lines and 6 assembly lines. Some part of the most delicate engineer work is performed even manually.

Huaptec Circuit board production

Huaptec has developed such a large-scale production with a profound commitment to their culture. It’s based on the following:

  • Customer Orientation
  • Leading Technology
  • Continuous Innovation

Customer Orientation

Our business is fully customer oriented. We offer a specific booster solutions with personal discount programs for an each client case. Our Technical Expert Team provide professional pre- and post-sale consultations both on the phone and online. Thanks to the global chain of Huaptec offices we're able to be in contact with you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Huaptec Team is multi-language and are able to support in English, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian.

Huaptec Design process

Leading Technology

Huaptec is a modern company with a present-day approach to the business. The materials the booster is made of are highly technological and reliable plactic and aluminium.  In the core of the device there's intelligent software with Automatic Gain and Level Control. These functions provide accurate mobile signal enhancement suitable for exactly your area, which eliminates noise and interference with cell towers.

Continuous Innovation

There’s always a room for improvement and we look confidently into the future. Huaptec is proud of its Research and Development Department, taking up to 400 sq.m. of offices and laboratories with 89 units of high precision equipment. The engineers working there make up 33% of all the company staff. R&D department is engaged in the development of new booster models, materials, software and production technologies which have started being patented since 2010. The first patent the company acquired was for SNMPAGENT repeater monitoring software (SnmpAgent) V1.0. At the moment Huaptec has 1 patent for invention, 6 patents for section material and appearance and 14 patents for software. 

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Huaptec European Office

Huaptec US Office

Huaptec Chinese Office

Phone/Fax: (44)20 3239 5808

Address: HerderStraße 94, 40721 Hilden, Germany





Phone/Fax: (972) 870-5666

Address: 6210 N Belt Line Rd., Ste. 110, Irving, TX 75063




Phone/Fax: 086-0755-29921615

Address: 6A01, 6th Floor, Tower D, Mindray building, Keji 12th Road South , High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan,Shenzhen, China 51805




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