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How to Install a Booster

Huaptec boosters is an efficient solution for poor mobile signal coverage. But before you can take full advantage of the system, you should install it properly. The installation procedure is performed in 4 easy steps. However, you’re highly recommended to follow instructions in the manual coming with your booster (you can also download it on the product page) or read the article below. If some issues are still not very clear and you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Technical Expert Team.      

You will get the booster in a full ready-to-use kit. Before installation, make sure you have all the necessary components.

HiBoost mobile signal repeater

Step 1. Install the Outdoor Antenna

1. Select a proper place to install the outdoor or donor antenna.

It’s normally some high point with good cell phone signal reception, like a roof of the house/building, balcony, etc. It should be at least 2-3 bars on your phone display there. As shown on the graph below, test the signal from A to E and select a point with best signal for the outdoor antenna installation.

How to install a mobile booster - step 1

2. Choose the direction for the donor antenna.

The donor antenna should be pointed to the nearest base mobile tower to let it receive strong mobile signals in the easiest way.

3. Install the donor antenna.

Fix the outdoor antenna in the chosen point with good signal reception. There’re two possible kinds of installation – pole and wall mounting.

If you choose to mount the outdoor antenna on the roof, you need to fix the antenna on the pole with an L-bracket and screws. Follow the pole mounting diagram below:

How to install a mobile booster - step 1 1

NOTE: The required pole diameter is φ40~φ50 (mm)

To perform wall mounting, place the antenna directly on the wall with an L-bracket and screws. Find the example of wall mounting below:

How to install a mobile booster - step 1 2

Safety Notes: Wrap waterproof tape around the connectors between a donor antenna and feeder lines to avoid water or other kinds of damage.

Step 2. Install the indoor Antenna

The indoor antenna is usually placed in the center of your house/office to provide an overall coverage.

For F13 and Hi13 models:

Plug in the indoor antenna to the corresponding connector on the booster and tighten firmly.

How to install a mobile booster - step 2

For Hi17, Hi20 and Hi23 models:

1. Select a room where you lack stron

g signal reception and fix the indoor antenna there.

2. Place it on the wall or in the corner as shown below:

How to install a mobile booster - step 2 1

NOTE: The distance between the indoor and outdoor antennas should be 10-15 m. If the distance is not enough, use space or some barrier (e.g., a wall) to increase isolation and avoid self-oscillation.

Step 3. Install the Signal Booster

1. Select a location close to a power outlet. F13 and Hi13 booster models with whip antenna can be put on the table close to the power supply. The booster of Hi17, 20 and 23 models is usually mounted on the wall in the same room with    an indoor panel antenna as on the image below:

How to install a mobile booster - step 3

2. Connect the outdoor antenna cable to the booster connector marked as “outdoor”. Tighten the connection by hand or with a wrench.

3. Connect the indoor antenna cables to booster connector marked as “indoor”. Tighten the connection by hand or with a wrench.

Step 4. Start Up the Booster

1.  Connect the AC power cord to the signal booster, then plug it into the electrical outlet.

How to install a mobile booster - step 4

NOTE:  Plug in the booster to a power supply only AFTER you connect antennas to it properly.

2. If the alarm LED flashes green or orange, it means the booster is working properly. After the booster is on, it will automatically adjust best performance with the intelligent automatic gain control function. No manual operation is needed. Check the coverage. If it is good, congratulations! The installation is completed successfully!

Please, follow the safety principles stated below:

1. The booster should meet safety requirements for communications equipment. Assure good grounding and lightning protection to it.  

2. The power supply voltage of the booster should meet the security standards. Any operation shall be carried out only after cutting off power supply in advance.

3. Do not open the booster, touch the module of booster, or open the cover of module to touch the electronic components. The components will be damaged because of electrostatic.

4. Keep away from heating-equipment, because the booster will dissipate heat during working. Do not cover booster with anything that influences heat-dissipation.

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