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How Works Mobile Signal Repeater

What Is A Booster?

HiBoost mobile signal booster is a smart device used to enhance poor cell phone signal. It’s compact, elegant and light and is extremely easy to install and use. The system is efficient for any area from a small apartment to a business center on a few floors. HiBoost signal boosters support all major network standards, such as GSM, DCS, 3G, 4G, etc.

Signal repeater works in a system with indoor, outdoor antennas and cables. Each model comes in a full ready-to-use kit with all these accessories by default.

How Does A Mobile Signal Booster Work?

The outdoor antenna picks up a weak mobile signal from the base cell tower and sends it to the booster via a cable. Especially for this reason it’s obligatory to have at least 2-3 bars outside your area to take full advantage of the equipment. As soon as the booster receives the signal, it amplifies it and transmits already enhanced signal to the indoor antenna via another cable.

Thanks to the indoor antenna the amplified signal is spread among all mobile phones within a zone. The booster allows simultaneous use of up to 80 - 220 mobile phones within one area.

Mobile signal booster works in a full-duplex mode. It means the signal goes not only from the base mobile station to the booster. When you make a call or use 3G/4G data, your mobile phone also sends signal back to the cell tower. Thanks to such a signal circulation there’s always perfect coverage in your area.

Learn how to install a booster in several easy steps.

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