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HiBoost Hi23-5S

PRO | 5500 m²

€2,267.00 Incl. Tax €2,697.73

HiBoost Hi13-5S

Home&Office | 1000 m²

€1,115.00 Incl. Tax €1,326.85

HiBoost Hi13-EGSM

Home&Office| 500 m²

€277.00 Incl. Tax €329.63
HiBoost Hi13-EDW

HiBoost Hi13-EDW

Home&Office | 500 m²

€621.60 Special Price Incl. Tax €739.70 Regular Price Incl. Tax €1,056.72

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We are Huaptec -  a leading manufacture of high quality mobile signal boosters worldwide!

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We guarantee your money back within 60-day period. Try HiBoost risk free!

Level Up Your Business with Our Industrial Repeaters

We produce and design professional cell phone signal enhancement systems for industrial needs. This standardized high-power product is meant for mobile operators and guarantees extension of cellular networks over large rural and urban areas.

Industrial repeaters are extremely flexible and are adjusted strictly to the bands of the mobile network operator. Thanks to advanced noise protection and conformity with CE, RoHS, ETSI and 3GPP 3GPP2 standards, the equipment is transparent both for operators' competitors and environment.

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Huaptec DS10/15/20 Dual

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Huaptec DS30/DS33/37 Dual

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Huaptec DS23/27 Triple

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Huaptec DS23/27/30 Single

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