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Smart Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

Resolve Poor Reception for Good!

60-Day Money Back
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Certified Product
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2-Year Warranty
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HiBoost Hi23-EDW

HiBoost Hi23-EDW

Business Pro | 3000 m²

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HiBoost Hi23-EW

Voice + 3G data
PRO | 3000 m²

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HiBoost Hi20-EDW

Voice + 3G + 4G
Business | 2000 m²

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Why HiBoost?

  • Certified Product

    HiBoost is safe for users and environmentally friendly. We can boast of official RoHS and CE certification for compliance with EU-wide safety and health regulations!
  • 5 Bar Signal Guarantee

    Be sure to have seamless coverage in your place with our boosters! We guarantee that you have all five bars on your phone and enjoy smooth mobile communication.
  • Fast Delivery Worldwide

    Wherever you’re on this planet, we’ll deliver our mobile signal booster to you in 3-5 business days. Do not bother to pick up the package, the courier will bring it right to your door!
  • Full Kit

    We carefully arranged everything for you in one ready-made solution comprising a booster, antennas, cables and other accessories. Just open the package and get down to installation!
  • Smart Auto Setup

    The booster automatically adjusts the best parameters for your area basing on the signal strength received from outside. This feature also ensures powerful mobile network protection.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

    If you’re not happy with our booster for any reason, we guarantee your money back within an unprecedented 60-day period. Try HiBoost risk free!

How Does a Mobile Booster Work?

  • 1
    The outdoor antenna picks up a weak mobile signal from the cell tower.
  • 2
    The booster amplifies the signal and sends the amplified signal to the indoor antenna.
  • 3
    The indoor antenna spreads a strong mobile signal all around your area.
  • 4
    You enjoy smooth 2G/ 3G/ 4G signal reception on your mobile phone. Congrats!


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Why HiBoost Is Better Than the Others

  • Intelligent LCD display
  • Manual Gain Control circuit
  • Smart self-adaptive software (Automatic Gain Control)

We Have all European Certificates

HiBoost product is officially certified for compliance with the international and European safety, quality and health regulations in the accredited test laboratories. Here’re the certificates we have:
With CE certification, we declare our product’s compliance with the requirements of the European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.
RoHS directive proves the limitation upon the usage of hazardous materials in HiBoost product and in its components.
ISO 9001-2008
HiBoost meets ISO 9001-2008 quality management systems standard that sets out the principles basing on strong customer focus, top management involvement and efficiency, consistent product quality improvement.

Watch Our Unpacking Video

See for yourself! Our boosters efficiently improve mobile connection in a few seconds after the device is switched on. Also, take a chance to scrutinize all the components included in the kit:
  • A mobile signal booster
  • An internal (indoor) whip or panel antenna
  • An external (outdoor) panel antenna
  • 2 pieces of cable (10 m and 5 m) for high power models or 1 piece of cable (15 m) for low power models
  • A power adapter
  • Mountings
  • A user manual


Single Band
Single Band
Dual Band
Tri/Five Band

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