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Brand New HiBoost 3S/3SL/5S Series: Innovative Smart Handy

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The time has come! We're excited to present our brand new consumer product! Mobile signal enhancement has never been so easy and smart. Are you ready to fall into the ranks of trendsetters? Here we go!

Built-In indoor Antenna

One of the most convenient things about HiBoost 3S/3SL/5S Series product is that you do not have to install an indoor antenna, as the booster comes with an inbuilt one. In other words, a standard kit includes a directional outdoor antenna only and there's no need to drill a hole in the wall to fix an indoor antenna inside your home or office. Of course, if you need to extend the coverage, you can also add an external indoor panel or omni antenna. For your convenience, an unbuilt antenna will turn off automatically when an external one is connected to the device.

What you get: 

  •  Do not bother with indoor antenna mounting
  •  Installation is 3 times quicker and easier than before
  •  Choose any booster position in your house/office regardless of the indoor antenna

Smart Link Function

This advantage is an absolutely innovative thing about a modern mobile signal booster. There’s no other signal repeater on the market that can boast of mobile app management! You can connect your device with your mobile phone or tablet and monitor, set up or troubleshoot the system remotely. There’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module in the device, so that you can manage the system via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. The mobile application you need for that is Signal Supervisor, it is easy to download from the App Store or Google Play.

What you get: 

  •  Monitor and set up your booster anytime anywhere
  •  Test your signal strength to find the best position for the outdoor antenna
  •  Get detailed info on your mobile network, serving cell tower, carrier, etc.
  •  Share your device with an engineer for assistance

Helpful LCD Display

As all HiBoost mobile signal booster models, new 3S/3SL/5S series is equipped with an intelligent LCD display. It shows three main system parameters - gain, frequency and output power - to let you keep an eye on the booster performance in real time. Also, LCD display will warn you about malfunction and give you the cue what is necessary to fix. 

What you get: 

  •  Keep control over the booster system in real time
  •  Get assistance in outdoor antenna installation
  •  Detect an exact kind of malfunction

Smart AGC & MGC Functions

Smart software or AGC function in the heart of a new HiBoost 3S/3SL/5S Series will automatically set up best parameters suitable for mobile signal reception conditions in your area. In other words, the function will facilitate power control between a repeater and a serving cell tower to keep gain at the optimal level and not to overlap mobile network. If you’re an advanced user, you can use MGC function to regulate booster power manually. By the way, you can do it with a mobile app as well.

What you get: 

  •  System auto setup particularly for your signal reception conditions
  •  Have any system problem fixed automatically  
  •  Be sure to keep your mobile network fully protected
  •  Set up signal enhancement strength manually (recommended for advanced users)

Thin & Stylish

You will love a new HiBoost product as above all its super functions the device is a real beauty. Simple and stylish, it will blend in any modern interior and you can put it even in the middle of an office or a living room. Its metal body is just 1.2 cm wide, so it will not take much place either.

What you get: 

  •  Stylish modern gadget
  •  The device is suitable for any interior

Are you eager to try our new product? You can purchase it here or Contact us for more info!

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