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How to Increase Cell Phone Reception in a Building

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Have you ever experienced that when you enter a high-rise talking on a mobile phone and the call suddenly drops? Surprisingly the problem of poor mobile signal reception in multistoried buildings or skyscrapers located in the very center of the city is quite widespread. Of course, the necessity to resolve weak signal is burning there. One interrupted call in a holding company can cost millions of dollars and in a hospital – somebody’s life. But before finding a solution, let’s look into the nature of the problem and find out why people need to increase mobile signal reception in buildings. 

Pinpoint the Problem of Poor Mobile Signal Reception

1) Signal obstructions

A lot of multistoried buildings in cities are old type constructions with very thick concrete walls, or using brick and steel that simply block the signal. As a result, cell towers cannot go through these obstructions and mobile phone users turn out to be out of the coverage. Apart from construction materials, in highly built-up zone a neighboring high-rise can also be a signal killer.

2) Shielding effect

Modern skyscrapers are covered with glass curtain and light reflectors that along with light reflect cell phone signal. This notion is referred to as shielding effect and it prevents the signal from penetrating into the building.

Boost cellphone network

3) Blind zone

We can bear with spotty coverage in the countryside, but in cities overflown with cell towers it seems strange in the least. However, it happens to be and you can hunt for strong reception in your office or university or any other multistory building because it is in a blind zone.

Find a Solution to Boost Cell Phone Signal

A serious construction requires a serious solution. To increase mobile phone signal reception in a large building it’s advisable to use a professional mobile signal boosting system. Huaptec offers two alternatives – a high-power consumer repeater or a distributed antenna system (DAS).

If the network indicator on your mobile phone shows at least two bars outside the building or on its roof, you can make use of a professional consumer signal repeater. It’s a more affordable solution both in terms of investment and installation. Strong input signal is a must for consumer mobile repeaters, since they literally repeat the signal received from outside and redirect it inside the building.

A standard Hiboost repeater comes in a kit with one indoor and one outdoor antenna. In order to cover a large area and guarantee high-quality reception through the whole building, the kit can be supplemented with splitters, couplers and other accessories.  

Multi-storey buildings and skyscrapers are daily visited by hundreds of people, so it’s obviously  essential that a repeater covers all mobile operators in the country. High-end HiBoost quint band solution easily copes with this task. Quint band system supports five networks at a time (EGSM900, WCDMA2100, LTE800, LTE 1800, LTE2600) that makes it compatible with all UK and European mobile network providers.

Mobile phone repeater

DAS does not need strong outdoor signal reception, as it operates as a miniature base station tailored specifically for the site. Accordingly, in contrast with signal repeaters, these systems are able to cover both indoor and outdoor areas. Based on flexible digital architecture, Huaptec DAS solutions support multiple operators, multiple mobile systems, and high-capacity constructions, such as high-rise buildings, shopping malls, offices, airports, stadiums, etc. They also very in power level from 10 to 43 dBm.

Huaptec DAS system

When obtaining any boosting solution, pay attention to the question of certifications. Repeaters share the same frequencies with mobile operators, so they can interfere with their networks.  Huaptec guarantees unbeatable protection from noise and network overlapping because all our products are empowered by innovative smart software with high quality mobile network protection. Moreover, all our products are fully certified in German accredited test laboratory Phoenix Test Lab.

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