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How to boost mobile phone signal at home for Good Connection

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4 Tricks How to Boost Mobile Phone Signal at Home
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Even today, when the humanity use remote-piloted vehicles and have almost moved to Mars, we still have issues with good old mobile signal reception. Sorry, “good” is not quite appropriate here. What’s interesting is that the point is sore both for inhabitants of rural areas, known for lack of attention from the part of mobile network providers, and busy cities that seem to be overflown with cell towers.

In this post we are talking about main reasons of poor mobile signal and provide steps to improve mobile signal at home.

improoving mobile signal

Major issues with mobile signal

Why is it so? Don’t hasten to blame your cell carrier. It can be its fault, just like any of a few other reasons listed below.  

1)      Vicinity to the mobile base station

If you’re miles away from the nearest mast, it will hardly bring strong mobile signal into your house too often.

2)      Terrain features

If looking out the window, you can see a hill or a mountain or sea or any other natural barrier, it can definitely block your signal. If you have to live or work in the underground area, it will be even more complicated for a signal to get to you.

3)      Design and construction peculiarities

If you house is surrounded by reinforced fence or it has thick concrete walls, get ready to struggle with poor connectivity. In highly built up business areas high-rise buildings and skyscrapers themselves can appear to be impediments for quality signal reception.

No matter what the reason is in your particular case, we hope you’ll find useful the following four tricks how to boost mobile signal at home.

Make a research of mobile signal reception in your home

To make it right at once, this way won’t help you literally improve mobile signal, but let you find the place or a few ones where you can call and surf with pleasure. You have to measure the quality of signal you receive and here’s probably a bit of disappointing truth – signal bars on your smartphone won’t be objective. For example, two bars on Vodafone and two bars on Three not necessarily mean the same signal quality. You need to measure signal in dB or decibels, which will give let’s say official info on its strength in your area. Every mobile phone operates within the range from -50 to -120 dB, where -50 to -95 means good signal and -95dB - -120 dB poor signal up to almost a dead zone. It is easy to open dB reading on your phone, just following the instructions below.

For Android:

  1. Dial *#0011# or *#*#4636#*#*
  2. This way you’ll open Netmonitor application on your phone. RI value in the green phrame is dB value of your signal quality.   

For IPhone:

  1. Dial  *3001#12345#* to activate Field Test mode
  2. Drag down the notifications menu and in the upper left corner you’ll find your dB value
iPhone screen Android screen
iPhone Settings Android Settings

Install a mobile app for mobile signal improvement

Google play market offers a great variety of applications able to assist in gaining better mobile signal. How do they manage to do it? Their principle of work bases on optimization of your phone’s operation. For example, the application will switch you to GSM network (voice calls and text only) when mobile data is out of the coverage in order not to waste battery on search of 3G signal. Generally, such apps comes from the idea that your phone needs enough power to receive strong signal. If you do not feel like installing an app, as an alternative, you can just keep to battery-saving mode.

Boost signal with mobile app

Cook up a homemade mobile signal booster

You can improvise a special device that will boost mobile signal. On the Internet you’ll find a bunch of DIY “recipes” most of which look quite doubtful. In spite of the fact we cannot guarantee the efficiency of this method, especially that much depends on your skills and hands, we’ll give you a brief example of a homemade signal booster.

Make a booster by your hands

You’ll need two empty coffee cans, solder, soldering iron, copper wire, antenna connector and a pigtail connector.

  1. Remove the bottom of one of the cans and solder two cans together.
  2. Make a hole on the closed bottom of the cylinder from two cans.
  3. Put a copper wire inside the cylinder and solder it there.
  4. Insert the antenna connector in the hole you’ve made at the bottom of the cylinder.
  5. Attach a pigtail connector to the antenna connector and then connect it to the jack on your phone.
  6. Direct the open end of the can cylinder towards the nearest mast.

Use a professional cell phone signal booster

If you do not feel like a handy man, rely on expertise of producers of special equipment (that is what we’d recommend actually).  Cell phone signal boosters or repeaters are devices designed to improve mobile signal reception inside indoor areas. If you can pick up at least 2-3 bars at the window or outside the house, a booster will work for you. It’s also a called a repeater as the equipment receives a good signal from the base tower in vicinity and makes a copy for it, spreading a strong signal inside the premises via an indoor antenna.

Mobile repeater HiBoost

HiBoost mobile signal boosters vary in a great number of models to meet every your need.

  1. Single band boosters (GSM/ 3G/ 4G only)
  2. Dual band boosters (GSM+3G, 3G+4G, GSM+4G, etc.)
  3. Triband boosters (2G+3G+4G)
  4. Quint band boosters (2G+3G+4G)

Apart from bands supported, models have different coverage area (up to 3000 sq.m.) to be suitable either to a small apartment, office or a large villa, supermarket, etc. In comparison to homemade boosters, Hiboost devices are CE e RoHS certified for compliance with European quality and safety regulations. Moreover, the company provides 2-year warranty and 30-day moneyback guarantee just in case the mobile booster doesn’t fit you. You can choose and order a HiBoost repeater here.

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