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HiBoost Money Back Policy: We Give You 30 Days More!

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We do care about our customers and their mobile signal problems, that’s why we stand behind the quality of our product. We’re so confident that HiBoost boosters will help you achieve the coverage you need, that we decided to extend our Money Back Guarantee for additional 30 days! It means you can return the booster and get your money back within an unprecedented 60-day period. Let us dwell on our upgraded Money Back Policy in details.

hiboost money back guarantee

HiBoost 60-day Money Back Policy can be divided into two parts:

1) First 30 days  - 100% refund of the product cost

2) Additional 30 days – 60% refund of the product cost

The refind total made in any of the two 30-day periods excludes delivery cost. The guarantee comes into effect from the day you receive the ordered booster from us. Now you have not 30 days as it was before, but 60 days to make a final decision on the product you purchased in HiBoost online store. For almost one month more, you can test a HiBoost booster and check its functionality from A to Z in practice!

More on HiBoost 60-Day Money Back Guarantee you can find on the Return Policy page.

Money Back Procedure

If it happened so that you do not like our product and feel like returning it, learn about the procedure of getting your money back:

  1. Contact our customer service and inform us about your intention to return the product. It’s necessary that you call or e-mail our Customer Service BEFORE the return, otherwise we cannot bear responsibility for receiving the product.
  2. Fill out a RMA form. We badly need to know the reason why you were not happy with the purchased booster in order to serve you better next time. That’s why before sending the product we kindly ask you to fill out a RMA form that our support manager will provide you.
  3. Send the product to us. Our support managers will provide you with the detailed address.
  4. Our Technical Department specialists will check the received product. If it’s in a proper condition, we will transfer 100% or 60% refund (depends in which 30-day period you’ll send us the product back) to your account. Just as promised – love it or get your money back! 

Meeting 60-Day Money Back Policy Guidelines

Pay attention that if the product was damaged through your fault or some unexpected circumstances like a natural disaster, it can’t be a subject to HiBoost 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. Here’s a list of conditions that the booster you purchased should meet to be suitable for return:

  • Returned in an original package of externally good order
  • Returned in an original full kit 
  • Not being disassembled, modified or altered
  • Not being used with unoriginal components or parts
  • Not being a subject to misuse, negligence, abnormal physical, electromagnetic or electrical stress
  • Not being damaged due to lightning strikes or natural disasters
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