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HiBoost Mobile Signal Booster of Today: Overview

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A HiBoost signal booster has previously been a faceless piece of iron and plastic that was normally hidden under the stairs away from the eyes. These times have gone away. A modern Hiboost device has changed significantly, it’s so pleasant to look at, touch and use.

But let’s start from the very beginning. What is a signal booster and what is it used for? Go on reading and we’ll explain it all.

What is a Mobile Signal Booster?

A mobile phone signal booster is a specialized device used to improve signal reception in home and office. Haven’t you had to call back as the connection dropped down abruptly or you had to stand by the window to talk on the phone without interruptions? This is all about poor mobile connection and a quality booster can be your lifeline.

The device usually comes in a kit with indoor and outdoor antennas. The outdoor antenna gets mounted outside the house or a building in some high point where the signal is the strongest. It’s the most important installation part as the booster isn’t able to improve the signal close to zero. The system makes sense only if the outdoor signal strength is at least 2-3 bars.

So, generally the signal amplification process goes in the following way. The outdoor antenna picks up the signal and sends it to the booster. The booster amplifies the signal or literally repeats and then amplifies it, that’s why sometimes the booster is called a repeater. After that the indoor antenna receives the improved signal and spreads it all over the required area.

Modern HiBoost Signal Boosters

A Hiboost repeater has always been efficient. Even when it looked like a blank and rather dull box, it was bringing a perfect signal into hundreds of homes and offices on a regular basis. However, we never stood still.

As a highly-technological manufacturer, we’ve made a huge step forward in our product improvement, both in functionality and design. The innovative features we brought in a HiBoost repeater about 3 years ago are LCD display and AGC and MGC functions. They obviously mark the first stage of HiBoost product upgrade.

HiBoost Upgrade- Stage 1

  • LCD display

First HiBoost boosters had LED indicators only. They kept the user informed on system performance, though quite scarcely. Many booster manufacturers are still producing similar models with LED indication. HiBoost was one of the first who implemented LCD in a modern GSM, 3G and 4G signal booster.

It allows keeping control over the system performance in real time, showing the main characteristics such as frequency on each band, gain and output power. Thanks to output power value, it’s easy to measure where the outdoor signal is the strongest. This place is the most suitable to mount the outdoor antenna from the kit.

LCD is especially helpful thanks to displaying alarms if the system is in trouble. They give a user a cue what should be fixed. Three flashing letters ISO mean that there’s not enough isolation between the indoor and outdoor antennas and you should enlarge a distance between them. ALC signaling on the display says that the outdoor signal is too strong and it’s a good idea to try to change the outdoor antenna position. More detailed explanation what to do in each case you can find in the User Manual to your booster.

  • AGC Function

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) function is extremely important as it facilitates power balance between a cell tower in service nearby your house or an office building and your GSM signal booster installed inside it. This is what distinguishes HiBoost from cheaper analogues on the market and saves you from interference with mobile network you need to boost.

Thanks to AGC you can also forget about complicated setup as the system will measure the outdoor signal strength and automatically adjust the best performance suitable for your area according to this parameter.

  • MGC Function

There can be rare cases when HiBoost system cannot overcome the problem on its own. It can happen due to wrong installation or too strong outdoor signal strength. Then you can use MGC buttons below the screen that allow setting up the system manually in a more delicate way.    

HiBoost Upgrade - Stage 2

HiBoost moved on and adopted a few more innovative features. They made the brand stand out noticeably. The latest generation HiBoost mobile phone signal boosters for home & office are called IOT as along with the functions mentioned above they can be managed directly from your mobile phone or tablet via a mobile app.  

  • Smart Link Function

We called this function Smart Link as you can literally link your device to your mobile phone and use it via our mobile application Signal Supervisor. The app is available on Google Play and App Store.

Its main advantage is that you can control and troubleshoot the booster at a distance anytime. In particular, you can see the current parameters or alarms in real time, change Uplink and Downlink attenuation on all frequency bands and turn ON/OFF any particular frequency band. In addition, Smart Link gives an opportunity to test your outdoor signal strength before the installation, check indoor signal strength after the booster installation and get the info on your carrier, e.g. Vodafone, ee, three, cell tower in service, etc.     

  • Inbuilt Indoor Antenna

One more innovative feature HiBoost offered is an inbuilt antenna. It’s related to Home&Office series triple and five band models. As we mentioned it before any device goes in a kit with an indoor and outdoor antenna by default. Outdoor antenna picks up the signal from outside and the indoor one spreads the amplified signal inside your house/office.

Inbuilt indoor antenna fulfills the same function as the external indoor antenna, but you don’t have to mount it separately inside your place. So you escape tiresome installation and one more hole in your wall.

To crown it all HiBoost is the most modern and efficient solution for poor mobile signal reception you can find on the global market at the moment. Choose and purchase your booster on our official website Or you’re welcome to contact our Technical Experts who will consult you about your case from A to Z.

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