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HiBoost Home&Office 4G Signal Boosters

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5G is just around the corner and we’re still struggling with poor 4G signal reception. Now and then we deal with slow and irritating mobile data speeds or even absolute zero connection. In some regions located far from large cities people are desperate to pick up sustainable 4g and still use 3G only. Are you among them? Cheer up! You apparently haven’t tried HiBoost yet.

HiBoost has developed a SOHO line of products aimed especially at 4G signal improvement in homes and offices – 4G mobile signal boosters. Having installed this device, you will get an incredible increase in 4G data speeds throughout your place. HiBoost booster models can be divided in a few groups by frequency bands supported, a number of frequency bands and coverage.

Single Band Mobile Signal Boosters

As you can guess by the heading, single band models support only one 4G frequency band, LTE1800 or LTE800 MHz. This solution is the cheapest from the selection and will hardly cover all the operators, as they perform on different 4G frequencies. So choosing a single band, you should be sure your mobile operator performs exactly on this frequency band in your area.

This 4G signal booster model improves 4G signal on LTE1800 MHz. This frequency band provides a considerable data capacity and is more suitable for propagating signal on short distances, so it’s more widespread around the city packed with numerous cell towers.

HiBoost Hi13-LTE800 supports 4G on LTE800MHz. The 800MHz band is not as strong as the 1800MHz band and is lower in data capacity but it is able to travel over long distances. That’s why mobile operators predominantly use it in rural areas where cellular base stations are installed sparser.

Triband Mobile Phone Boosters

HiBoost triband models amplify cell phone signal on three frequency bands at a time. Only one of three bands is 4G band, the rest are EGSM for voice signal improvement and 3G for 3G mobile data speeds increase. So, 3S series mobile signal boosters support EGSM900 + 3G2100 + LTE1800, 3SL series performs on EGSM900 + 3G2100 + LTE800 bands.

Five Band Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

Our five band models are all-in-one solutions for signal amplification of five frequency bands in one box. Picking up HiBoost 5S series, you can be sure this solution will cover all the European mobile operators and all EU mobile networks, Talking numbers, 5S series supports EGSM900 + 3G2100 + LTE800 + LTE1800 + LTE2600 bands. To put it simpler, five band series improves voice calls (EGSM900), 3G data (3G2100 – the most widespread 3G band in Europe) and all three 4G frequency bands (LTE800, 1800 and 2600) currently available among European carriers.    

A Bit of 4G Booster Specifications

As for Hi13 and Hi17 models, they differentiate in output power - 13 and 17 dBm respectively. This parameter denotes the booster power or its ability to amplify mobile signal. Accordingly, boosters of higher power are able to cover more than boosters of lower power.

HiBoost Hi13 single bands enhance cell phone signal over the area up to 300-500 sq.m., Hi13 tri and five band models – over up to 500-1000 sq.m., and Hi17 tri and five models will cover up to 1000-1800 sq.m. The coverage area can be enlarged if you add one or more optional antennas to the standard kit.

All in all, HiBoost Home&Office series is perfect for small and medium-sized areas like a summer house, cottage, apartment, office, café, shop, etc.     

HiBoost 4G Booster Benefits

All HiBoost models go with smart software or AGC (Automatic Gain Control) that auto sets up the system according to the signal strength outside your house, office building, garage, etc. The software chooses the most optimal parameters for your area facilitating power control between a cell tower in service and your device and thus providing blanket operator mobile network protection.

Home&office triband and five band models are first to EU market boosters with an ability of remote control via a mobile app Signal Supervisor. We call these models IOT as you can monitor, troubleshoot and set up your device anytime anywhere.

One more cool advantage Home&office triband and five band repeaters offer is an inbuilt indoor antenna. If you make a short investigation on the web, you’ll find out that usually mobile phone signal boosters come in a kit with indoor and outdoor antennas. HiBoost developed a device that has an indoor antenna incorporated into the booster body, so that a duet of booster and the outdoor antenna only is enough to cover a room of up to 300-500 sq.m.  

Still hesitating which 4G solution is the most suitable for your case? You’re welcome to contact our Technical Experts! Call us on +44 (20) 3239-5808 or write an e-mail to and we will provide a comprehensive consultation and help you choose the most suitable 4G signal booster.

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