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How to improve the signal on your phone – Improve signal reception

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No doubt, we’re mobile creatures these days and it’s a sheer embarrassment to have only 1 bar on your phone saying nothing of being out of the coverage. Even more, according to Murphy’s Law mobile connection lets us down when we need it most of all. So, if you cannot get enough signal on your mobile phone, do not give up in despair and read a few useful tips below that we hope you’ll find useful.

Boost the signal on your cell phone – choose another cell tower

Improve cell phone signal – clear all signal impediments

Improve signal reception – switch mobile provider

Boost cell phone signal – install a special equipment

Choose another cell tower to improve signal reception

When many people reach out one mobile base station at the same time, it can result in constant line breaks and terribly slow mobile data transfer rates. Try to pick up signal from cell towers that are not so busy. How to identify how busy the mast you use? You can estimate it by the approximate population density in the area served by this tower. We’d also recommend to avoid a cell tower near a supermarket, shopping mall, stadium and any other public place visited by a lot of people regularly. To get more detailed information on your cell tower you can download a special mobile app, e.g. Open Signal. It will show a map and a must to which you’re currently connected. Make sure you point your mobile phone to the right direction to get better reception.

Choose another cell tower to improve signal reception

It’s interesting that you phone can be connected not to the nearest base mobile station. To reconnect to another cellular mast, you can simply restart your mobile device or turn it to the flight mode and back.

Remove all the impediments on the way to boost cell phone signal

Your mobile phone and a cell tower literally communicate via cell waves. If there’re too many impediments between them, mobile connection quality gets worse and you have to struggle with constant coverage troubles. Clearing everything on the way to the signal can help to improve it. In fact we do this when we raise our phones high in the air, walking let’s say in the forest. So, to improve the signal on your phone, you can come closer to the window or again move higher, for example on the second floor of your house. If there’s a reinforced fence around your property or you have very thick concrete walls, you should go beyond these obstructions to pick up better signal.   

boost mobile signal

Change your mobile provider

If none of the abovementioned tips work for you, we’d advise you a bit dramatic option - switch to another mobile provider. It can sound not reasonable, all the more if you’ve recently signed a two-year contract with them. However, there’re thousands of burnt nerve cells and money on the scales, so it’s up to you what to choose. If you tend to prefer money, keep an eye on mobile operators’ deals - some of them offer very attractive conditions to get new clients.

improve mobile signal

In order not to bargain one trouble for another, it would be a good idea to check which provider will meet your needs. Some operators have coverage maps on their websites or you can scrutinize the website of your local telecommunications bodies that usually offer rather detailed information about service quality of the mobile network operators in your country.  

Install a special equipment for cell phone signal improvement

One more way out is a HiBoost mobile phone signal booster – special equipment designed to get more bars on our phone. It’s highly recommended to purchase this kind of devices only from verified producers like HiBoost since low quality mobile boosters can create interference and overlap the network of your mobile operator.

improve mobile signal

Signal boosters come in a kit with cables, indoor and outdoor antennas, so just one booster box will be useless. In spite of several kit components, the system is plug-and-play and you will easily manage installation on your own. Moreover, it will automatically adjust best parameters for your area in a few seconds after the start.

You can choose among a large range of models to meet every your need – GSM boosters for clear calls; 3G/4G boosters for high-speed mobile data; dual, triple and quint band models to boost calls and data at a time. Choose your HiBoost by clicking on this link.

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