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HOWTOs About Mobile Signal Reception and Enhancement

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How to Understand What Frequency Your Phone Receives

We often see the following situation: customers do not know what kind of frequency is used in their area. This information is very important as it helps to understand what problem with mobile signal you face. And knowing frequency and signal power, we can provide you with the best possible solution 

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3 Smart Methods How to Get Better 4G Signal

Improve 4G signal

The times when people used their mobile phones only for calling have passed long time ago. Watching videos, chatting on social networks and messengers, e-mailing are as essential for modern people as eating and sleeping. Mobile Internet is our everything. But what if your network is not efficient enough? No worries, we’ll tell a few smart ways how to get better 4G signal.

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How to Increase Cell Phone Reception in a Building

Have you ever experienced that when you enter a high-rise talking on a mobile phone and the call suddenly drops? Surprisingly the problem of poor mobile signal reception in multistoried buildings or skyscrapers located in the very center of the city is quite widespread. Of course, the necessity to resolve weak signal is burning there. But before finding a solution, let’s look into the nature of the problem and find out why people need to increase mobile signal reception in buildings. 

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3 Ways How to Make a Cell Phone Repeater

DIY do it yourself

Telecommunications market offers a great bunch of ways to improve mobile signal reception on your cell phone from special mobile phone covers to mobile apps, but this article is for those who prefer to rely on themselves.  If you’re technically savvy and enjoy crafting something with your own hands, we’d suggest you trying to design a homemade cell phone repeater. Feel excited? So let’s proceed with some interesting recipes.

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Poor Connectivity? Efficient Methods How to Boost the Signal on Your Cell Phone

improve mobile signal

No doubt, we’re mobile creatures these days and it’s a sheer embarrassment to have only 1 bar on your phone saying nothing of being out of the coverage. Even more, according to Murphy’s Law mobile connection lets us down when we need it most of all. So, if you cannot get enough signal on your mobile phone, do not give up in despair and read a few useful tips below that we hope you’ll find useful.

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4 Tricks How to Boost Mobile Phone Signal at Home

4 Tricks How to Boost Mobile Phone Signal at Home

Even today, when the humanity use remote-piloted vehicles and have almost moved to Mars, we still have issues with good old mobile signal reception. Sorry, “good” is not quite appropriate here. What’s interesting is that the point is sore both for inhabitants of rural areas, known for lack of attention from the part of mobile network providers, and busy cities that seem to be overflown with cell towers.

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