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HiBoost Case Studies – Worldwide Cases of Successful Installation

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3 months ago 283 Views No comments

Improving Voice in a Cottage in Kildare, Ireland

We got a request from a family based in Kildare having a very bad coverage in their cottage. They complained that any time they would take a call they would have to stand beside the window or go outside.

4 months ago 345 Views No comments

Case Study: HiBoost Triband Solution for a House in Limerick, Ireland

Our customer lives in a poor reception area in the suburbs of Limerick, Ireland. While the outdoor signals could be 1 to 2 bars, he was unable to get a good signal inside the house. Also, being in a rural area, he did not have good broadband availability...

8 months ago 379 Views

Case Study: Improving Voice Signal in a Garage in France

The customer contacted our team complaining on constant line breaks in his garage. It was hard to receive voice signal and call quality was more or less bearable only outside the construction. The garage was partially used as an office and ...

8 months ago 363 Views

Case Study: Boosting Voice + 4G in a House in Baw, Germany

We got a request to improve mobile signal reception in a house in Baw, Germany. The construction is one-level and occupies about 300 sq.m. The customer had problems with both calls and 4G mobile data. Due to a long distance to the nearest base station and ...

9 months ago 600 Views

Case Study: HiBoost 5-Band Solution for Sony Office in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

New Sony Dutch office houses on one floor and occupies about 2000 sq.m. Practically the staff had to go outside the building to take or make calls. Mobile data rates were also a sheer disaster throughout. Their issue was a high concentration of employees operating in one level office. 

9 months ago 541 Views

Case Study: Improving Call Quality in a Picturesque Villa on Wallis and Futuna Islands

Our customer had hard times with mobile signal all across his picturesque villa. The house is located on Wallis and Futuna Islands in the middle of South Pacific Ocean. It is on one level and occupies an area of 230 sq.m. It was hardly possible to make and receive calls, 

9 months ago 440 Views

Case Study: HiBoost GSM Solution for a House in Tulla, Ireland

The customer had problems with mobile signal reception inside his house of about 200 sq.m. The property is located in Tulla, a town in County Clare, Ireland. Due to weak signal on Three Ireland, it was almost impossible to call inside and the customer had to stick to windows or even go outside to talk on the phone

9 months ago 502 Views

Case Study: HiBoost 3G Solution for a Warehouse in Vaucluse, France

Our French customer was suffering from slow 3G data rates in the warehouse in Vaucluse, Provence. This signal problem negatively affected the working process and was a sheer frustration for customers coming there. The reason was the construction with thick concrete walls that made it hard for signal to penetrate. 

10 months ago 453 Views No comments

Case Study: HiBoost LTE Solution for a Chalet in the Mountings in Bulgaria

Picturesque mounting view, crystal clear air – our customer had a perfect place for living except for one thing, unbearably slow 4G data speeds. HiBoost team did their best to rsolve his signal problem.

10 months ago 506 Views

Case Study: Voice+ 3G HiBoost Solution for a House in Heuqueville, France

Our French customer was experiencing serious voice and 3G data reception problems in his house in Heuqueville, France. We were to cover an area of about 500 sq.m.on two floors and improve mobile phone signal on Bouygues network.

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