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Case Study: HiBoost GSM Solution for a House in Tulla, Ireland

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The Challenge

The customer had problems with mobile signal reception inside his house of about 200 sq.m. The property is located in Tulla, a town in County Clare, Ireland. Due to weak signal on Three Ireland, it was almost impossible to call inside and the customer had to stick to windows or even go outside to talk on the phone without breaks and interruptions. The main reason for poor signal reception was building design peculiarities. In particular, aluminum foil in the insulation layer helped keep the house warm but prevented the signal from getting inside. 

HiBoost Solution

As a solution HiBoost team offered our best-selling GSM model for calls HiBoost F13-EGSM. The booster has a coverage area of 500 sq.m. which is just perfect to enhance the signal throughout the house. We always advise to choose a booster able to cover more than your property’s area as outdoor signal reception conditions can never be ideal and various inner obstructions like fences, walls, etc. decrease signal strength, or literally booster power.    

As for the network, HiBoost F13-EGSM amplifies cell phone signal on EGSM 900 MHz, the most widespread voice frequency all across Europe and the UK. Three Ireland does not support EGSM 900, but it includes the former O2 network, performing on traditional 2G and 3G frequencies. So, the chosen HiBoost solution was the right one for our client’s case.  

The Results

The customer realized the HiBoost system installation on his own. Just as advertised, thanks to plug and play capability, it didn’t take either much time or specific knowledge.

The booster and the internal antenna were fixed under a slatted shelf in an airing cupboard. The outdoor antenna was deployed on the roof of the house. We always recommend to find the highest point possible for the outdoor antenna installation where signal reception is the strongest. It’s crucially important for any booster performance since the device repeats the input or receiving signal and brings it inside the house. The better signal your outdoor antenna can pick up, the better mobile signal improvement you will get as a result.

HiBoost F13-EGSM put an end to poor call quality in the customer’s house. After the system installation, he was happy to receive 4 and 5 bars throughout.

HiBoost Equipment List

Here’s the HiBoost equipment deployed in our customer’s house:

Item Quantity (pcs)

13 dBm HiBoost F13-EGSM booster


3 dBi omnidirectional indoor antenna

9 dBi yagi outdoor antenna 1

15m 5D-FB coaxial cable


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