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Smart Link Function: Manage Your HiBoost Signal Booster via an App

Consumer electronics gadgets we use today get smarter and smarter. So does a HiBoost mobile phone signal booster. The latest innovation we’re glad to present is Smart Link Function. It’s a breakthrough in mobile signal enhancement solutions as from now on you can manage your booster via a mobile app.

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HiBoost Mobile Signal Booster of Today: Overview

A HiBoost signal booster has previously been a faceless piece of iron and plastic that was normally hidden under the stairs away from the eyes. These times have gone away. A modern Hiboost device has changed significantly, it’s so pleasant to look at, touch and use.

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HiBoost Home&Office 4G Signal Boosters

5G is just around the corner and we’re still struggling with poor 4G signal reception. Now and then we deal with slow and irritating mobile data speeds or even absolute zero connection. In some regions located far from large cities people are desperate to pick up sustainable 4g and still use 3G only. Are you among them? Cheer up! You apparently haven’t tried HiBoost yet.

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GSM + 3G + 4G Signal Boosting Solution for an Office Building in Barcelona

In a corporate office building of 6 floors, located in the center of Barcelona, common areas were not covered properly. This was caused by the avant-garde design of the building front made of decorative ceramic elements and safety glass. The challenge was to cover common areas throughout the building and improve signal strength of all Spanish networks. 

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Brand New HiBoost 3S/3SL/5S Series: Innovative Smart Handy

The time has come! We're excited to present our brand new consumer product! Mobile signal enhancement has never been so easy and smart. Are you ready to fall into the ranks of trendsetters? Here we go!

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Improving Voice in a Cottage in Kildare, Ireland

We got a request from a family based in Kildare having a very bad coverage in their cottage. They complained that any time they would take a call they would have to stand beside the window or go outside.

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Case Study: HiBoost Triband Solution for a House in Limerick, Ireland

Our customer lives in a poor reception area in the suburbs of Limerick, Ireland. While the outdoor signals could be 1 to 2 bars, he was unable to get a good signal inside the house. Also, being in a rural area, he did not have good broadband availability...

11 months ago 740 Views

How to Understand What Frequency Your Phone Receives

We often see the following situation: customers do not know what kind of frequency is used in their area. This information is very important as it helps to understand what problem with mobile signal you face. And knowing frequency and signal power, we can provide you with the best possible solution 

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1 year ago 593 Views

Case Study: Improving Voice Signal in a Garage in France

The customer contacted our team complaining on constant line breaks in his garage. It was hard to receive voice signal and call quality was more or less bearable only outside the construction. The garage was partially used as an office and ...

1 year ago 586 Views

Case Study: Boosting Voice + 4G in a House in Baw, Germany

We got a request to improve mobile signal reception in a house in Baw, Germany. The construction is one-level and occupies about 300 sq.m. The customer had problems with both calls and 4G mobile data. Due to a long distance to the nearest base station and ...

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