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Huaptec can’t be everywhere at the same time. Customers in your region need our product and we need you to build a reliable and trustworthy partnership.
How to start partnership with us and what benefits you’ll get as our partner?

How to Start Partnership with Us

Become our partner

What We Offer

Becom a partner of Huaptec

1. Mutually efficient cooperation with the leading manufacturer 

1. Three regional offices in the USA, India and Europe
2. Productive capacity 15 000 boosters/month, independent R&D department, 30% of the company staff are R&D engineers
3. Partnership with more than 30 mobile giants, such as Vodafone, ZTE, etc.

2. High-performance and innovative product having no competitives on the market

1) Real-time LCD display and smart self-adjusting software (AGC)
2) Brand new IoT booster, which you can manage and set up remotely with a mobile app. 
3) Production on advanced machinery, multi-step quality controls
4) Wide variety of models: single, dual, three and five bands.

3. Individual working plan and flexible pricing policy

We develop a working plan with favorable conditions specially for you. Be sure that you’ll get real profit with us!

1. Plan Premium - Resellers + installation companies:
Premium pricelist, drop shipping option available, marketing support from our side

2. Plan Vip – Resellers + Installation companies:
Vip pricelist, drop shipping option available, marketing support from our side.

3. Plan Platinum - Big whole sellers/official representatives:
Platinum pricelist, marketing strategy worked out right for your country. You become a supplier not only for end users in your region (B2C segment), but also resellers and installation companies on Plan Premium (B2B segment).

What We Provide

1. Access to all the necessary info on HiBoost boosters on Google drive  - photos, data sheets, manuals, video, CE certifications, current inventory stock file, etc.
2. Full marketing support - different ways of how we can help you to promote Hiboost at your local market and make more revenue (SEO, content marketing, etc.). Have a look at our marketing offer below.
3. Information about our company + short product description - you may just copy and paste it into the partnership page on your website. Please find below the file with this info.

Hiboost Info for Your Website 367 KB     HiBoost Marketing Offer 1,76 MB

What We Expect From You

1. We kindly ask you to post HiBoost boosters on your website. After that we add info about you as our partner on our website here.
2. We also ask you to place info on our brand and company on your website.

What You Get

1. You make real money

1) You earn up to €1000 per 1 booster, selling our products to customers in your region;
2) You can grow up to a big reseller (Plan VIP, Platinum) for smaller ones in your region and earn more.

2. You receive customers easily

1) Redirect clients to you since we’re not presented in your country;
2) Clients find you on their own, since we recommend you as our reseller and give your contacts on our website (

3. You’re free from extra costs

1) We provide you with drop shipping option - you don't have to lose money on keeping stock;
2) We give you access to all the necessary info on HiBoost boosters in electronic form – you don’t need to hire a copywriter and designer.

4. You have a great marketing support!

1) We help you to work out a marketing promotion strategy especially for your local market. Your success is our success!

Also please find our presentations that you can upload on your website.

HiBoost Product Presentation 3.15 MB    Huaptec Company Presentation 3.15 MB    

Ready to join us?

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