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Mobile Repeaters for All Networks

GSM / 3G / 4G Boosters For All European Mobile Networks

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  • GSM Mobile Repeaters

HiBoost Hi13-DCS

Home&Office | 500 m²

€277.00 Incl. Tax €329.63

HiBoost Hi13-EGSM

Home&Office| 500 m²

€277.00 Incl. Tax €329.63

HiBoost Hi13-ED

Voice + 4G data
Home&Office | 500 m²

€406.00 Incl. Tax €483.14

HiBoost F13-ED Mini

Voice + 4G data
Home&Office | 200 m²

€415.00 Incl. Tax €493.85


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  • Boosters for offices & buildings

HiBoost Hi20-EW

Voice + 3G data
PRO | 4000 m²

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HiBoost Hi23-LTE800

4G data 800 MHz
Business Pro | 3000 m²

€1,149.00 Incl. Tax €1,367.31

HiBoost Hi20-3S

Voice+3G+4G 1800MHz
PRO | 4000 m²

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HiBoost Hi20-EDW

Voice + 3G + 4G
Business | 2000 m²

€1,469.00 Incl. Tax €1,748.11

HiBoost Hi23-3S

Voice+3G+4G 1800MHz
PRO | 5500 m²

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HiBoost Hi20-5S

PRO | 4000 m²

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  1. Huaptec Official Distributor in Germany. CE Certification
  2. Full Sales/Technical/Marketing Support
  3. TAX free payments. Drop-shipping is available
  4. 3-day delivery from Germany. 2-year warranty
  5. Industrial solutions - special line of industrial boosters

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