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entrance hall of HiBoost head office

HiBoost is the world’s leading manufacturer of cell phone signal repeaters for personal and industrial use. Our output has reached the value of 15000 boosters per month and we send our products to more than 50 countries of the world. Among our clients are such outstanding telecom network giants, as Vodafone, ZTE, etc. As a high-tech company, we base our development on persistent innovation. 33% of our staff is engaged in research and development and since 2010 we’re patenting our elaborations - currently we own 21 registered patents.

We represent Hiboost’s European subsidiary based in Furth, Germany. We strive to reach out broad audience from common mobile phone users to telcom network carriers and offer them a huge variety of solutions for poor cell phone signal reception. Either you want to cover your home or office, or a large commercial building, we’ll meet every your need.

We’re proud of the superior quality of our product and first-class service we provide. Hiboost is a certified ISO 9001-2008 producer and all our repeaters fully meet European and international quality and safety standards. The corresponding official approvals were issued in German accredited test laboratory Phoenix Test Lab.

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