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1 m/3 ft Coaxial 3D-FB Cable

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Coaxial 3D-FB Cable 1 m/3 ft

A coaxial 3D-FB cable is mainly used for radio frequency signal transmission. The length is 1 m, the working frequency range is 0-6 GHz. This cable will perfectly suit all HiBoost mobile booster models.

Key features

  • 1m/3ft length
  • Low loss
  • Light, flexible and weatherproof
  • Low transmission delay
  • Minimum attenuation 
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    A coaxial 3D-FB cable is mainly used for radio frequency signal transmission. The length is 1 m. The working frequency range is 0-6 GHz. This cable will perfectly suit all Huaptec mobile booster models.

    NOTE: Mind, that too long cable for the booster kit will decrease the signal enhancement power of the system. We highly recommend to consult our Technical managers before a purchase.

    Technical Specifications

    General Characteristics

    Inner Conductor BC
    Conductor Dia. 1.12 +/-0.02 mm
    Min. Break Strength 453 N
    Insulation Foam P.E
    Insulation Dia. 2.95 +/-0.15 mm
    Color Black
    Centricity ≥ 85%
    Adhesion 10 to 100N @ 25 mm
    Shielding AL/P-Foil (Bonded)
    Foil overlap ≥ 120 %
    Outer Conductor TC Wire Braid
    Coverage 90 +/-3%
    Jacket FR-PVC
    Outer Dia. 4.95 +/-0.15mm

    Mechanical Characteristics

    Min. Bending Radius:
    Installation 12.7 mm
    Repeated 50.8 mm
    Max. Pulling Tension 245
    Crush resistance of cable (load of 700N) < 1 %
    Rated Temperature
    Storage/operating temperature -40~+85℃
    Outdoor Installation -40~+85℃

    Electrical Characteristics

    Impedance 50± 2 ohm
    Capacitance 78pF/m
    Velocity ratio 84%
    DCR: Inner Conductor < 17.6 ohm/km
    DCR: Outer Conductor < 16.1 ohm/km
    Jacket Sparker 3000 V RMS
    Dielectric Strength 1000 V DC
    Insulation resistance > 10,000МΩ·km
    Peak Power 2.5 KW
    Shielding Effectiveness >90 dB
    VSWR 30-2500 MHz    <1.20
    Attenuation (at 20 ) dB/100m
    30MHz 5.80
    50 MHz 7.50
    150 MHz 13.10
    220 MHz 15.90
    450 MHz 22.80
    900 MHz 32.60
    1500 MHz 42.40
    1800 MHz 46.60
    2000 MHz 49.30
    2500 MHz 55.40
    5800 MHz 86.50
    Maximum attenuation is 10% higher.
    Inner Conductor Material Solid Copper or Copper Clad Steel (1.02 mm)
    Dielectric Material Physical Foam Polyethylene (3.00 mm)
    First Shield Material Bonded Aluminum/Polyester/Aluminum tape (3.20 mm)
    Outer Conductor Material Tinned Copper Braid (3.55 mm)
    Jacket Material Black PVC or Polyethylene (5.00 mm)
    Capacitance (Pf/M) 82
    Impedance (ohm) 50
    Velocity (%) 81
    Inner Conductor DC Res. (Ω/KM) 19.2/65.2
    Outer Conductor DC Res. (Ω/KM) 16.3
    Shielded attenuation(dB) >80
    Storage Temperature -25 to +70
    Installation temperature (℃) -25 to +70
    Cable Working temperature (℃) - 25 to +70
    Minimum bend radius (mm) 27
    Attenuation (20℃)
    150 MHz13.00 dB/100m
    280 MHz17.50 dB/100m
    350 MHz19.50 dB/100m
    400 MHz21.00 dB/100m
    900 MHz31.60 dB/100m
    1200 MHz37.00 dB/100m
    1500 MHz41.50 dB/100m
    1800 MHz45.60 dB/100m
    2200 MHz50.60 dB/100m
    2500 MHz54.10 dB/100m
    VSWR 5-3000MHz ≤1.20
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    Mobile signal booster comes in a ful kit with all the components for installation and use. The system is plug-and-play and you'll manage to mount it even wiithout professional assistance in 4 easy steps.

    STEP 1. Fix the outdoor antenna in the point with best signal reception outside your house (e.g. on the roof, outside the window).

    STEP 2. Mount the booster and the indoor antenna inisde the area where you need to improve signal.

    STEP 3. Connect antennas and the booster with cables.

    STEP 4. Plug in the booster to a power supply and enjoy perfect calls and blazing data download speed! The system self-adjusts best parameters for your area in 30 seconds after the start.

    Note!!! For high power models installation such as Hi20-XXX and Hi23-XXX we STRONGLY recommend to address to professional installers.

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